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Intel Development Board

Intel Edison Mini-Breakout Expansion Board, Single

Intel Development Board

Intel Dev Board with CPU ATLASEDGE 1.0 - Intel Curie System-on-Module: Quark SE, 32MHz 32-bit IA and a 32-bit DSP, 32MHz 32-bit DSP Sensor Hub, 128-nodeNeural Network, Bluetooth - Nordic nRF51822, Memory - RAM: 80kB (internal to SoM), FLASH: 384kB (internal to SoM), Sensors: 6-axis accelerometer/gyro (Bosch BMI160). External I/O Interfaces: Bluetooth: Bluetooth Smart, Arduino Headers: 14 digital (4 w/ HWPWM), 6 analog input for ADC, 3.3V I/O, with 5V tolerance, USB: 1x USB 1.1 device, 3 end points, LEDs: 1 green LED on D13 per Arduino, 1 red LED for fault, 1 green for activity, 1 green for power, Debug: JTAG + Soft debug - Power: USB: 5VDC, Current limited to 500mA Max, DC in Jack: 7VDC-18VDC (20VDC max) (1.0A maximum system current). Firmware+ Software: OS: RTOS Bluetoothprofiles: GAP, GATT, DIS, Restore: USB(cable to host + app) Compatible OSes: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Intel Development Board*

**FACTORY DIRECT ORDER ** This INTEL purpose-built, UAV developer kit, powered by a quad-core Intel Atom processor, combines compute, storage, communications, and flexible I/O all in a form-factor the size of a standard playing card.

Intel Galileo Gen 2 Development Board

Intel Galileo Gen 2 Board, Single