An optical transceiver is a device that functions both as a transmitter and as a receiver. In fiber optics, optical transceivers convert electrical signals from switches and routers into optical signals that can be transmitted and received. This can be done very quickly over very long distances. A data network in which it can send and receive a signal can be plugged into or embedded into the device.

SFP Transceivers

Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) network interface transceivers are suitable for many applications, particularly telecommunication and data communications.


SFP+ Transceivers

SFP+ is a multi-rate transceiver that offers the best value in storage-area networks (SAN) and 8.5Gb/s to 11Gb/s data communication applications. This module is an improved version of the SFP transceiver, but it has the same size.


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