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Body Champ BCB580 Weight Bench with Butterfly and Preacher Curl

Body Flex Sports Standard Weight Bench - This 28-inch standard weight bench can accommodate both a 5' and 6' bar and weight set. The heavy duty foam back pad can be adjusted for a flat and multiple incline lifting positions. A special feature is the butterfly attachment which allows you to exercise the outer pectoral muscles that simple bench press can't provide. The leg developer is fitted with heavy duty foam rollers for dded comfort. STARTER WEIGHT BENCH with COMPACT DESIGN great for BEGINNER enthusiast; BUTTERFLY ATTACHMENTS AND SAFETY SPRING CLIPS included; DUAL-ACTION LEG DEVELOPER with Comfort Foam Rollers (for Leg Curls and Leg Extensions); ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES including Safety Hooks and Frame Stabilizers; ADJUSTABLE BACKREST TO TOTAL 4 POSITIONS: 3 Incline, and, 1 Flat.

Body Champ Elliptical Trainer

Take your and fitness and wellness to the next level with this feature packed Body Champ Magnetic Elliptical Trainer. With unparalleled features and capabilities for its price and value, you can experience fully customizable workouts every time in the convenience and comfort of home. This Body Champ Magnetic Elliptical Trainer offers reliable tools to maximize every and any workout session. Loaded with options and comfort, you can engage your core and upper body (arms, chest, triceps/biceps) with either the center U-shaped handlebar for a fixed grip, or, the elliptical full-length handlebars for dynamic alternating movement. Enjoy versatility with the bidirectional foot pedals that give you both forward and backward motion capability. Thoughtful design includes a built-in media shelf for your favorite entertainment device or reading material, and one set of transport wheels to minimize any hassle and make the most of your time.

Body Flex Dip Stand


Body Flex Exercise Bike


Body Power Multi-Purpose Adjustable Fitness Weight Bench

Add this versatile bench to your home workout space! Efficient footprint with ergonomic components makes this Body Power Fitness Multi function Adjustable Weight Bench great for the living room, bedroom, garage, basement, or home gym. Built with a sturdy steel back seat support frame and adjustment rail with a 650 lbs. maximum weight capacity. Multipurpose weight bench for all levels and workout styles. Experience a full range from decline to military press positions and 2 way adjustability with 6 position Adjustable Back Pad, PLUS! ergonomic 3 position Seat Cushion to get the most comfortable and effective workout for your body and goals (adjusts to multiple Flat Incline Decline FID positions). Maneuver easily in and out of cages or storage with two built in transport wheels and the easy grip handlebar. This bench glides easily in between reps, circuits, and around the home. Premium quality sleep pebbel leather finish with bonded foam offers unbeatable comfort and durable, long-lastin