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INFRA Resolutions is a UNIQUE Information Technology and Infrastructure Hardware Supplier and Services Provider. Partnered with over 100 OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) INFRA Resolutions provides cost savings and pricing structures companies deserve on the same equipment and support companies already procure. We are confident INFRA can provide strategies to save on both CapEx and OpEx budgets.



Email Us at: INSIDETEAM@INFRARESOLUTIONS.COM to request a dedicated account manager for your company. We are here to assist with questions, configurations, and compatibility.

By partnering with INFRA Resolutions and defining your end-of-life / upgrade strategies, companies can utilize their assets longer and delay capital expenditures. This simple strategy may sound like common sense, but it is vastly different from industry norms, and can provide significant cost savings and a competitive advantage for any company or organization. This strategy will free up space in the IT budget to potentially fund  IT wants vs. being strong armed into IT “needs”, per the OEM. Ask us about our Maintenance solution, to extend your next refresh and maximize your companies investment.


With looming deadlines, emergency replacements, or mission critical projects, INFRA understands the pressure companies face to keep their network running efficiently. With ties to 25 distribution centers within the United States, and several others across the globe, INFRA can deliver the equipment you want, when you need it!

Featured Products
Featured Products